Reika is a global citizen. She was born in the Himalayas and grew up hiking, camping and traveling the world with her family. She was raised to love nature, appreciate food and encouraged to move her body. She has a master's degree in Sociology from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa, and that is where she first developed her love for Yoga. Since then she has practiced yoga all over the world, experiencing various styles and disciplines. She has also attended lengthy meditation retreats, seeking to harmonize both her mind and body. She is a 500-hour-certified yoga instructor through Yogaworks. She is Accessible Yoga Ambassador and Trauma Informed Yoga teacher as well as certified indoor cycling instructor. 


Josephine has enjoyed cooking since childhood. The way food is transformed in the kitchen has always fascinated her. As she grew older, she would constantly try to modify recipes to create healthier dishes. As an adult, this hobby turned into a passion as she discovered how nutrition plays a vital role in bodily health. Josephine now works as a clinical dietitian who provides Medical Nutrition Therapy tailored to a patient’s medical condition during their hospital stay. She also teaches classes with a focus on Weight Management, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Bariatric Surgery. For individuals needing more specific nutrition recommendations, she provides individual counseling sessions at an outpatient clinic.

Her goal is to share her knowledge with those struggling to lead a healthier life. Whether the problem is weight loss or managing a chronic condition she translates hard science into actionable tips and advice. Josephine also believes that a combination of many variables impact our eating patterns--stress, voluble emotions, social pressures, bad habits, and more. Whether it is to help retrain and recalibrate your eating patterns, or give advice for improving blood sugar/cholesterol levels, Josephine will be by your side to help you make changes step by step.

Josephine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and holds a M. S. degree in Nutritional Science.