We are two sisters who love food and fitness, but most of all we are passionate about holistic health--both for our bodies and our minds. Everyone possesses a unique body and mind; we experience emotions differently so react in different ways. What works for one person may not work for someone else. That is why we believe in Honesty of self. We  are on a constant journey to find our true selves, discovering the proper tools to create healthier minds and bodies. We want to share our journey and  inspire others with our own experiences, sharing our knowledge and mistakes. Our services include but not limited to; nutrition counseling, private yoga classes and combination of both! We hope to show how two sisters working together can provide a fresh perspective—Josephine is a trained dietitian and Reika has extensive experience in the field of fitness, with a focus on yoga.

Let us begin our journey towards true and Honest Health!

Photo credit to Daniel Samsosn